F40 awd transmission

Not all automatic transmissions are the same, and not all quattro drive systems are the same. The eight-speed tiptronic is a classic torque-converter automatic transmission whose great strength lies in its high level of shifting and drive off comfort.

Gear shifts are gentle, spontaneous, fast and highly flexible. Audi uses it in many models with a longitudinally mounted engine. Thanks to its eight speeds, jumps in rpm are small between gears, and the engine always runs near its ideal operating point. An rpm-adaptive torsion damper balances out undesired engine vibrations and enables efficient driving at extra-low engine speeds.

Also playing a large role in the efficiency ensemble is the torque converter lockup clutch with integrated damper. Under normal driving conditions, the lockup torque converter connects the transmission directly to the engine.

It works with limited slip in certain situations, which — in interplay with the integrated damper — permits very low engine speeds without vibrations occurring. As soon as the driver releases the brake, the clutch closes, and the damping effect of the torque converter ensures a smooth drive-off. The dynamic shift program DSPwhich controls the eight-speed tiptronic, is housed in a small steel box within the gear-shift unit.

It utilizes a fast processor. To enable an efficient mode of driving, it gives preference to large gears and low engine speeds. This allows downshifting, e. In sport mode, the automatic transmission boosts driving dynamics by setting later shift points. The selector lever communicates fully electronically, without any mechanical connection with the transmission shift-by-wire. The eight-speed tiptronic is able to work together with the Audi start-stop system. It integrates a small, permanently filled hydraulic reservoir for this purpose.

When restarting after a stop, its oil volume — of around milliliters 0. The transmission is ready to start within a very short period of time. In some Audi models the eight-speed tiptronic has an electric oil pump.

It handles lubrication of the transmission and enables engagement of the gear that is needed for an engine restart after a coasting phase. Thanks to the mild hybrid technology, this makes it possible for the vehicle to shut off its engine during the drive when it is not needed for propulsion. When the vehicle is coasting and the engine is running in idle, a clutch is open in the area of the wheel sets. The transmission control unit detects stop-and-go situations and ensures very comfortable driving starts.

The system applies the principle of destructive interference, which is also known as the cancellation sound principle. When two sound waves of the same frequency are superimposed, their amplitudes cancel one another if they have the same magnitude and exhibit a phase offset of degrees.

In the car interior, small microphones are used to record the background noise in multiple zones. From their signals, the ANC control unit computes a differentiated spatial sound field.

It supplements this with information about engine speed.

f40 awd transmission

In all zones in which the system detects noise for which it has been pre-calibrated, it initiates a precisely modulated cancellation sound.This kit will require all of the parts from the list, you will not be able to reuse any of your F35 parts, i.

The included dual mass clutch assembly will support up to around hp. Do not be fooled by competitors kits, their kit requires you to purchase a clutch separately. What engine do you have? This option determines what axle is included in the kit.

Transmission : This determines if you have a transmission already, which one you have if you do, so we can include the correct trans mounts with the kit. If you need a transmission, then this option allows you to add a new "Regal" transmission. Axle s : You will need at least one shorter driver side axle to use the F40 transmission.

If you already have one, then this option removes any additional axles from the kit, or if you want just the required one, this allows you to add it, or if you want a matching pair of the upgraded Driveshaft Shop axles, you can add both sides. I t does fit pre Saab F40 but the gearing is not optimal. The Regal transmission has poor gearing for drag or road course cars wide gears, tall final drivebut can be useful for half mile racing.

Please don't ask if it will work with XX transmission. It's designed for a Saab or Regal trans as stated above and nothing else. Kit bolted up pretty easy with very little modifications and if you are like me and have the ldk swap it makes installing the kit a little bit easier. Honestly I wish the lnf cobalts came with this transmission because of how much smoother and easier it is my car has every bolt on but 3 bar map sensors and it drives like a stock car. If you are debating building an f35 trans or buying this kit without a doubt I would invest in this kit if you like your car and plan on keeping it long term.

Only recommendation is have time and patience when installing this kit and stay organized and it will go pretty smooth for the install. Got my F40 conversion kit in and all put together.

f40 awd transmission

All the pieces lined up great. The time and thought that ZZP put into making this kit work in these cars is incredible. The staff at ZZP were there every step of the way during my install. When I had questions they got right back to me quickly. They run a top notch company. I have dealt with them with other mods to my car and the experience I've had is beyond 5 Stars.

I had an F35 with the 4. Tonight was the first time I took the F40 for a ride and the difference is night and day. The F40 is so smooth I feel like I'm driving a new car. I am using the stock clutch because I didn't want to hear the chatter associated with the single mass racing flywheel and clutch.Looking for great used Transmission! Your search complete here Buy used Transmission from us and save time and money. Purchase from us and get an industry leading warranty on used engines and transmissions.

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Stock Number : TCG. SubModel : 3. Call Toll Free. Description : Automatic Transmission Kia Niro. Stock Number : TCI. Stock Number : TCK. Description : Automatic Transmission Honda Ridgeline.

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Description : Automatic Transmission Volkswagen Jetta. Fits : Automatic Transmission; 2. Description : Automatic Transmission Audi A3. Stock Number : TCF.

What Sort Of GM AWD System Does The ‘Sport Control AWD’ Trademark Foretell?

Check out eBay's inventory. You will be surprised at the prices we quote, as we have a very large network of salvage yards in US To find the best quality used engines and used transmission or submit inquiry from.Its first use in a North American application was the Pontiac G6 for the model year.

f40 awd transmission

It is also used in Saab and models. The F40 has a three-axis design, with first, second, fifth, and sixth gears on an output shaft behind and below the input shaft, and third and fourth gears are on an output shaft in front of and above the input shaft. Both output shaft pinions drive a helical gear with a conventional differential. The clutch is mounted on a dual-mass flywheel to dampen vibrations on whichever output shaft is idle depending upon which gear is selected.

Triple-cone synchronizers are used on 1st and 2nd gears. These synchronizers have three friction surfaces, which increase their ability to transfer the flow of torque more smoothly from one gear to another. Synchronizers act as clutches to speed up or slow down the gearsets that are being shifted to, and greater friction area results in easier shifting for the driver.

The 3rd, 4th, and reverse synchronizers are double-cone, while the 5th and 6th gear synchronizers are single-cone.

All of the friction surfaces on the Synchronizer rings are sintered bronze. The ratios in the 6-speed are widely spaced for versatile performance and efficiency. To adapt the F40 to North American applications and maximize performance, 3rd through 6th gears have been changed to higher-ratio gears starting in model year.

What Is The Best AWD System?

The ratio for 3rd gear is now 1. The 5th gear ratio is 0. The addition of a ball-and-spring-type detent on the shift sleeve and detents on the shift rail assists the driver in shifting quicker. The detent raises the force required to move the shift lever which prevents excess movement of the shifter by the driver, and reduces the chance of double bump. Tension between the shift sleeve and the shift rail also prevents the sleeve from vibrating while in gear.

The F40 is cast in aluminum, and weighs pounds No maintenance is required for normal operation. Additional Final Drive ratios, 3.

It is also used in some Saab and models. It is a three-axis design, with first, second, fifth, and sixth gears on an output shaft behind and below the input shaft, and third and fourth gears are on an output shaft in front of and above the input shaft.

The F40 is cast in aluminum, and weighs pounds see specs. It has been certified for up to Nm of engine torque. All of the friction surfaces on the synchronizer rings are sintered bronze. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about an automobile transmission.

For other uses, see F This article includes a list of referencesrelated reading or external linksbut its sources remain unclear because it lacks inline citations. Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. April Learn how and when to remove this template message. GM Powertrain.

f40 awd transmission

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Download as PDF Printable version. Add links.Click here to visit the donation page View all sponsors. Email This Page to Someone! Oct 2nd, Report this Post PM. Daryl M posts Member since Aug F40 transmission gear ratios are not all the same.

For example, the Saab version has two different ratio combinations. Thelike I just bought, is geared higher higher speed while the and later are geared lower. Providing the hp is sufficient, a car tha has the transmission could go mph rpm, while a car with the and later would go mph or so. The later transmission also has a much lower 1st gear and lower differential ratio.

Something to keep in mind if one is considering an F IP: Logged. Posts: From: Registered: Sep Yes, there are at least two versions of the F40 in terms of gear ratios. I think one of the Saab AWD versions might have also had a 3. Posts: From: Registered: Jan Joseph Upson posts Member since Jan Oct 3rd, Joseph, please elaborate on the problems with the F Oct 4th, Report this Post AM. Many complaints about "rattling" with the earlier F40, and sometimes hard to shift.

Read the wikipedia page. Using certain lubricants can help with the rattling, and the OE dual mass flywheel helps.Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email?

Trying to correct the known issues and improve usability of the F40 6-speed manual gearbox made by GM Powertrain Europe in my car MY ss 2. The latest version of Saab WIS recommends 2. I can honestly say that shifting has greatly improved.

Redline MTL is a much thinner oil than MTF and with the addition of the Motorkote lubricant additive, gear changes are now smoother even when the car is cold they were much tight before and feel better once warmed up.

PS: Few months ago in my quest to find a solution I contacted Getrag and their chief engineer advised me to change the oil with something better. He didn't name any brand though. I hope the Redline MTL will do the job. I'm not sure if your g'box is the same as mine I think it might be but mine had become very vague across the neutral and it was difficult to find 3rd or 5th and became quite stiff to operate.

Dear Trenchfoot, thank you for your suggestion. I will check that! I don't know how convincing this answer might be but if anyone have a justified objection to that, I would be very eager to hear it. The note on the MTL label refers to applications which contain a high offset hypoid ring and pinion where an EP GL-5 type gear oil is necessary, the Saab transaxle does not contain a high offset hypoid final drive ring and pinion, so does not require an EP gear oil, a GL-4 being well suited and safe for use.

Regards, Dave Red Line Oil Some more information. SMF 2.Advanced Search Search Tips. This is the transmission that came in the G6 GTP 6 speed. These transmissions are all brand new with 0 miles. T he F40 can be bolted to the following GM engines or anything else that shares the same bellhousing pattern:. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. This product hasn't received any reviews yet.

Be the first to review this product! All prices are in USD. Copyright Milzy Motorsports. Sitemap Ecommerce Solution by BigCommerce. Please wait Search Advanced Search Search Tips. New Products. Choose Options.

Milzy Motorheads rewards membership. Add To Cart. Polyurethane Dogbone Bushing Kit for late-model W-body vehicles. Home Transmission F40 6-speed Transmission. F40 6-speed Transmission. Click to enlarge. T he F40 can be bolted to the following GM engines or anything else that shares the same bellhousing pattern: 2. Find Similar Products by Category Transmission. Enter your name: optional. Milzy Motorsports 4t65eHD Transmission. Related Products. You Recently Viewed

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